Code of Ethics

I commit to operate in accordance with the code of ethics as outlined below:

  1. I recognize my professional limitations with respect to whether my experience is appropriate to meet your requirements. When this is not the case, you will be referred to other appropriate services, e.g. more experienced coaches, counselors, psychotherapists or other specialist services.
  2. I am responsible for ensuring that you are fully informed of the contract and terms and conditions both prior to and at the initial session. These matters include confidentiality, costs, and frequency of sessions. All my claims will be honest, accurate and consistent with maintaining my good standing. All my contracts will make clear that in the case of any illegal activity becoming evident during the assignment, or if there is potential for harm to be caused to you, the client or others, I may not be able to maintain complete confidentiality and may need to involve others. Where possible and appropriate, I will do this with your permission and consensus.
  3. I will be frank and willing to respond to your requests for information about the methods, techniques and ways in which the process will be conducted. This should be done both prior to contract agreement and during the full term of the contract.
  4. I will be sensitive to issues of culture, religion, gender, sexuality, disability and race and all other forms of equalities and diversity.
  5. I will respect your right to terminate the proceedings at any point during the process.
  6. I will maintain appropriate records of my work with you, ensuring that any such records are accurate and that reasonable security precautions are taken to protect against third party disclosure. Attention will be given to your rights under any current legislation, e.g. data protection act.
  7. I will monitor the quality of my work and to seek feedback wherever possible from you and other professionals as appropriate.
  8. I will keep myself informed of any statutory or legal requirements that may affect my work and comply fully with them.
  9. I will consider the impact of any dual relationships I may hold with regards to my clients and/or any sponsoring organizations. If such a relationship is identified, then I will make clear to all parties involved so that agreement may be reached about whether to continue the relationship.